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Khongool of Manipur: Two artists canvas their journey from homeland to Delhi

In the gallery, strings of green flags hang by the roof, while the artists serve food and tea to offer a wholesome experience of their homeland. Aroma candles and music transport one to the place most missed by the artists.

Anyone can wear a phanek: lessons from the canvas of a Manipuri artist

From trendy phaneks that “anyone can wear” to brides who are “too loud”, Manipuri artist Thokchom Sony’s paintings defy convention, one bold stroke at a time


Last rites of Jodh Singh today: An artist of great merit, a remarkable teacher

Oil was Jodh Singh’s medium of work, and he would paint with equal ease, both on small-sized canvass and huge murals and his work includes realistic paintings, landscapes, charcoal sketches et al.

Artist Anjolie Ela Menon conferred the Kalidas Award

The award was conferred in recognition of her insightful and sensitive portrayal of the identity and spirit of women through her meaningful paintings in a variety of media.

Russian Sound Artist in Chandigarh: ‘Effort is to explore how sound can be main tool in performance’

"I feel visual culture is excessive; we are constantly watching all the time and my work continuously explores the different ways with which the audience can perceive work," says the artist.

The Importance of Scrap

Chicago-based artist and urban planner Theaster Gates on art, poetic solutions to problems, and turning derelict places into experimental spaces


Two brothers master the art of being one on canvas

Tejas and Gaurav have made over 40 paintings together in the past five years.

Pune artiste makes sculpture of hidden army post in Jammu

The artwork portrays a high-terrain area with mountains and river. There is a soldier in a guarding position with a rifle in his hand.

Everything is a collaboration: Artist Sudarshan Shetty

Back in 1995, Sudarshan Shetty did 16 large installations for his first solo in India, “Paper Moon”. Several of them found no buyers and were destroyed over a period of time.

Of the Shore

Curator Jitish Kallat wanted to turn Kochi into a pier from where artists would view the world. For some artists at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale the city became an edifice, with its heritage, myths and even odour.

Artist Videos

Street Art in India: Through the art of Miles Toland

We met Miles Toland in Dharavi, spoke at length about Street Art and how it can educate the masses. He speaks about public art and how it also belongs to the masses and in the streets.