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Chennai-based Kumaresan Selvaraj’s latest solo is a satirical take on memories and the environment

Selvaraj uses portions of invitation cards that are discarded, which end up in waste paper markets. It helps him buy paper cheap for his colourful sculptural artworks.

Staring at the viewers

An exhibition brings together artist Ravinder Reddy’s trademark women heads sculpted over three decades


Black and White

Nine artists dig deep into the many layers of the skin in the exhibition titled ‘Skin: The Finer Nuance’

Artist LN Tallur builds connections between the past and the present and urges viewers to question the obvious

Comprising 27 works from 13 years, the showcase has Tallur experimenting with the medium of bone meal and film for the first time, but there are common strands that connect with several of his previous works — his engagement with the past and how it affects the present.

Mumbai airport hosts carnival celebrating Maharashtra’s art, culture and cuisine

The carnival, known as ‘Paaoolkhuna — Imprints of Maharashtra’, has been curated by members of the Jaya He Museum, providing a platform to artists, students and storytellers from across the state to showcase their talents.

New book chronicles the journey of Indian music to the West through Lakshmi Shankar, one among the few Indian female Grammy-nominated vocalists

But more than that Grammy that registered her presence in 2009, for Lakshmi, it was giving voice to one of Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite bhajans, Vaishnav jan toh, for Richard Attenburgh’s Gandhi that remained special.


Sattriya dancer Prateesha Suresh on keeping her form alive, and the need for platforms and funding to promote art

Sattriya was developed in the 15th century by Srimanta Sankardev, who was influenced by the then prevalent devadasi tradition, the Natya Shastra, and Odissi.

My first | Artists on their first art purchase: Jitish Kallat

Jitish Kallat talks about his first art purchase.

A new dastangoi production looks at the life and times of Gautam Buddha

While Poonam Girdhani has been performing Dastangoi, a form of storytelling in Urdu, for the last five years, it is for the first time that she has penned a dastan, which has been in the works since October 2018.

Global Sikh Council: Sikh body to spread Guru Nanak’s peace philosophy through Geneva meet

To commemorate the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak (1469), the first guru of the Sikhs, World Council of Churches, Geneva, in collaboration with the GSC will organise a Christian-Sikh dialogue in Geneva on July 5, with the dialogue focusing on the theme ‘Pursuing Peace in a Pluralistic World’.

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Art and culture: A glimpse at MP's tribal museum

At the epic, ‘Janjaatiya Sanghralaya’, the world of indigenous tribes is depicted with much authentic skill and finesse.