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An exhibition in the Capital speaks of the struggles within one self and the world at large

The show speaks about the inner struggles everyone goes through, with the help of the experiences of 12 contemporary artists and their videos, sculptures and canvases. Curator of the show Ashna Singh believes that the biggest war is from within.

Theatre doyens remember S Thyagarajan, the gentle photographer who could breathe life into still images

In Thyagarajan’s images, future students will find the plays of BV Karanth, Mohan Maharishi, KN Panikkar, Ratan Thiyam and Anuradha Kapur, among others.


A new book focusses on the work of Armenian-American artist Elizabeth ‘Lizo’ Shahenian

Flowers Forever is about the art and the artistic journey of Shahenian.

Vidya Shah on ‘Women on Record’, a celebration of women in the Gramophone Era, and her book Jalsa

From Begum Akhtar to Faiz Ahmad Faiz, language of the Sufiana kalam to collaborations with jazz musicians in Europe, Shah says music has no limitations.

Rags to stitches

An exhibition in Delhi traces the stories and the themes within one of India’s oldest syles of embroidery, Kantha.

Threads that make a home

An INTACH project showcases the connect between tangible and intangible heritage in Chanderi


Taking the line for a walk

Abstract artist Sheila Makhijani asks viewers to make sense of her lines, brimming with a life of their own.

Indo-German composer Sandeep Bhagwati on building bridges between Western and Indian classical music, seeking untrodden ground and how all art is political

Not many in India, including the ones from the world of Western and Indian classical music, are familiar with the name Sandeep Bhagwati. Bhagwati, an award-winning composer and conductor, was the artistic director of the composers’ workshop at Munich Biennale (1990-92).

I don’t think I will ever write a play that will be devoid of any political statement: Playwright Kaustubh Naik

Kaustubh Naik on Avyahat, which won top honours at a state-level theatre competition, playwriting and the importance of ideology.

All for Art; A new initiative aims to pitch Punjab as an art and culture destination

As part of the initiative, art lovers can look forward to an ensemble of installations, curated through partnerships with leading institutions and eminent artists.

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Art and culture: A glimpse at MP's tribal museum

At the epic, ‘Janjaatiya Sanghralaya’, the world of indigenous tribes is depicted with much authentic skill and finesse.