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Both active and effective: A short history of Indian Special Ops

For years now, Pakistan has claimed the massacre at Lanjote was carried out by Indian special forces.

Profile of the 21 SF Army unit that raided Naga militants in Myanmar

Here are the profiles the 21 SF, the Indian Army unit that raided Naga militant camps deep inside Myanmar to inflict ‘significant casualties’ on those who killed 18 soldiers of the 6 Dogra on June 4.


Rajyavardhan Rathore, chosen to trumpet strike in a way Army couldn’t

A senior office-bearer said the raid had indeed sent a strong signal across to insurgents that this government meant business.

The Myanmar Naga who has troubled India for half a century

The militant career of S S Khaplang, leader of the group behind the ambush of Army unit in Manipur

Pakistan says don’t daydream, we’re not Myanmar

Pakistan hit back at India after R S Rathore described the Myanmar raid as a warning to other countries.

Precision that only ‘practice’ could ensure

Army sources said the men involved in the operation were equipped with small arms, rocket-propelled grenades and explosives “sufficient to carry on the operation”.