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Three-day ‘International Congress’ on Rock Art at Deccan College

As many as 50 participants, from India, South Korea, Australia, and a few nations from the African continent, will be part of the three-day conference at Deccan College, starting from October 26.

Kolkata waits as six-year mystery of three 300-year-old chests to end soon

The chests were discovered in 2008 when a woman in her 60s sold her plot at 178, Rash Behari Avenue, in south Kolkata.


ASI begins excavation for gold treasure,Narendra Modi takes a dig

The excavation work was being carried out at the fort of Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh by a 12-member team.

The Narmada fossil files

For researchers,Narmada Valley continues to yield evidence of early human life

Early record of domestic animals

Archaeologists exploring a cave in Namibia have found evidence for the earliest domesticated animals in sub-Saharan Africa.

After a drought in 2007,Istanbul yields ancient treasure

The excavation of Bathonea,a substantial harbour town dating from the second century B.C.,has been yielding a trove of relics from the Constantinople era


2,000-year-old delicacies found in Chinese tomb

Food containers in tomb belong to a daughter-in-law of a high ranking Chinese official.

50 skulls found near Karnataka village

The skulls were all found stacked together,while skeletons were spread over three acres.

Lost city of Atlantis found?

Now,a team of "undersea archaeologists" has become the latest to claim that it has finally found the lost city of Atlantis beneath the Caribbean.

Archaeologists dig into ‘tomb raider’ Berlusconi

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s private conversations with an escort,which have riveted Italians all week,may wind up getting him into trouble....