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Top gadgets of 2018: Apple MacBook Pro, Fitbit Versa, iPad Pro, and more

Best gadgets of 2018: We take a look at the best gadgets that impressed us, the iPad Pro 12.9-inch, Dell XPS 13, Apple Watch Series 4, JBL BoomBox and others.

Apple's T2 security chip ensures hackers can't access MacBook Air's mic after it's closed

The security chip can prevent hackers from 'eavesdropping' through the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air mic.


Apple MacBook Air 2018 first impressions: A classic redefined

Apple MacBook Air first impressions: The reinvented product from the Apple Mac lineup offers greater appeal, better performance and more.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018 users report sound crackling issue with speaker

Apple MacBook Pro users are complaining of sound crackling issue on the new 2018 models. Both 13-inch and 15-inch models seem to be affected by the issue.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018 with Intel 8th gen processor: Price and feature comparison with older models

Apple has updated its 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with new Intel 8th generation processors. A comparison with the older 2016 MacBook Pro models.

Apple discontinues 2015 MacBook Pro model in the US

Apple has removed their 2015 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro model from their online store, suggesting the product has been discontinued officially