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Antibiotics aren't necessary for most toothaches: New American Dental Association guideline

The guideline does provide examples when antibiotics may be prescribed for a toothache.

Commonly used antibiotics linked with heart problems: Study

Researchers hope their study helps inform the public and physicians that if patients present with cardiac issues, where no other cause has been discovered, fluoroquinolone antibiotics could potentially be a cause.


New antibiotics effective without triggering resistance, says study

Antibiotics have saved so many lives over the previous century of their use in humans that they are considered to be one of the major breakthroughs of contemporary medicine, said researchers from the University of Rennes 1 in France.

Milk from egg-laying mammal may pave way for novel antibiotics

The research paves way for novel antibiotics that can help fight against infections that are resistant to existing drugs.

Can probiotic use help reduce antibiotic prescriptions in children?

The study found that infants and children were 29 per cent less likely to have been prescribed antibiotics if they received probiotics as a daily health supplement. Reducing the use of antibiotics is one strategy in combating resistance in child health.

Paper Clip: New class of antibiotics to fight drug resistance

UIC’s Alexander Mankin and Yury Polikanov found ODLs act on the ribosome — the molecular machine that makes proteins cells needed to function — of bacterial cells.


'World running out of antibiotics, pathogens getting resistant,' WHO warns

Besides TB, the WHO has also identified 12 classes of priority pathogens -- including common infections like pneumonia or urinary tract infections -- that are increasingly resistant to existing antibiotics and urgently in need of new treatments.

Be careful! Antibiotics can make you more prone to infection

Antibiotics deplete good bacteria in the gut, favouring the growth of pathogens in the process.

Antibiotics consumption before age two can up childhood obesity risk

Antibiotics may progressively alter the composition and function of the gut microbiome, thereby predisposing children to obesity.

A simple blood test can predict if you need antibiotics

Most patients end up on antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection despite the fact that the majority have viral infections. There are risks to excess antibiotic use.