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Sunday, August 09, 2020



At 18.3 degrees Celsius, Antarctica appears to have broken a heat record

February 08, 2020 12:28 pm

The previous record of 17.5 degrees Celsius was set in March 2015.

Indian-origin woman scientist heads to Antarctica, eyes space

October 19, 2019 9:42 am

According to the French Embassy in India, of the 75 women selected for the programme from around the world, Rajkakati is one of the youngest women of Indian origin to be selected for the opportunity.

Global Warming is stunting fish, even on Antarctica’s doorstep

September 27, 2019 4:44 pm

As tropical waters flow further south, ocean temperatures are rising even around the island state of Tasmania — stressing fish and stunting their growth.

Surface melting causes Antarctic glaciers to slip faster towards the ocean: Study

September 23, 2019 3:57 pm

The water from melting Antarctic glaciers, flowing through the ice and beneath them, is rapidly accelerating further thawing of the continent's ice sheets towards the sea, according to a study.

J&K: IRS officer selected for Antarctica expedition from February 27

February 22, 2018 6:08 pm

Selected in October last year among 80 candidates across the globe from over 5,000 applications pool to join the expedition 2018, Giri recently got the official permission and sponsorship from his department.

Scientists' colossal squid exam a Kraken good show

September 16, 2014 9:08 pm

Colossal squid sometimes inhabit the world of fiction and imagination, but have rarely been seen in daylight.

Greenland ice river becomes world's fastest flowing glacier

February 05, 2014 2:53 pm

The research was published in The Cryosphere, a journal of the European Geosciences Union (EGU).

With a dream to visit space,city girl lands up at Antartica

March 12, 2013 3:46 am

The team will be there till March 13.

Indian youth embark on global expedition to Antarctica

February 26, 2013 1:51 pm

For 23-year-old Anurag Maloo,going to Antarctica is nothing short of a dream.