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Underwater glacial melting much faster than predicted: Study

While the study focused on one tidewater glacier, the new approach should be useful to researchers who study melting at other tidewater glaciers around the world, which would help to improve projections of global sea level rise.

In a land of ice and adventures: Blizzards, hidden crevasses and a 43-day wait

The expedition, meanwhile, took the Indian team 99 days instead of the usual 60 days or so. Their ship was anchored near Bharati Maitri station, as the ice sheet had become thicker after the blizzard and ship didn’t have the capacity to break it and make its way through.


Antarctica ice melting increased by 280 per cent in last 16 years

The pace of melting rose dramatically over the four-decade period. From 1979 to 2001, it was an average of 48 gigatonnes annually per decade. The rate jumped 280 per cent to 134 gigatonnes for 2001 to 2017.

American adventurer first to solo across Antarctica unaided

Colin O'Brady took 54 days to finish the bone-chilling, 930-mile (1,500-kilometer) journey across Antarctica

Antarctic seas emit higher CO2 levels than previously thought: Study

In the Southern Ocean region, carbon atoms move between rocks, rivers, plants, oceans and other sources in a planet-scale life cycle.

Melting East Antarctic ice sheet may cause global sea level rise: Study

A new study of East Antractica's coast has shown that the glaciers along the Sabrina coast are more vulnerable to global warming.


NASA scientists to survey unexplored stretch of Antarctica, monitor ice melt

A new NASA mission will see scientists travel to an unexplored side of Antarctica, in another step towards tracking the world's ice sheets and any changes in them.

260 million-year-old fossilised trees unveil Antarctica's forested past before dinosaurs

During Antarctica's summer, scientists from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM) climbed the McIntyre Promontory's frozen slopes in the Transantarctic Mountains, and found evidence of these ancient fossils.

Geothermal heat source under west Antarctica melting its ice sheet: NASA

A geothermal heat source called a mantle plume lies deep below West Antarctica, explaining some of the melting that creates lakes and rivers under the ice sheet.

Huge iceberg breaks off Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier

An iceberg over 250 square kilometres in size, has broken of from an enormous Antarctic glacier - the second such incident in two years, scientists say.

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In Greenland, a glacier's collapse shows climate impact

The March mission was part of NASA’s Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) project, a five-year, $30 million effort aimed at improving sea level rise projections by understanding how warming oceans are melting ice sheets from below - the most ambitious research on the subject to date