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Down In Jungleland: To Love and to Protect

Claws, teeth and wile — no holds are barred when defending territory and young ones in the wild.

Down in Jungleland: What Lies Beneath

In the animal kingdom, the first impression is rarely the last one.


Check out these adorable pictures from the winners of Comedy Wildlife Photography Contest 2018

From a startled owl to a smiling shark and an astonished squirrel, the eight categories of Comedy Wildlife Photography 2018 had forty-one finalists, which were whittled to fourteen winners.

Mumbai to get three crematoria for animals

These will be in Mahalaxmi, Malad and Deonar; facilities will be set up on a public private partnership model.

For the Love of an Animal

The story of Mia, Sita and Rhea and why performing animals could do with a happy ending.

Hail immortality: Meet Hydra, the animal that may live forever

Hydras can be found in fresh water and have regenerative capabilities.


Wordly Benefits: Pigs, monkeys and other animals in the dictionary

Animal stories are something that children start learning first. They make a lasting impression because of their sheer innocence to which kids can so easily relate to.

Big Little Rodent: Squirrels are highly adaptable, entertaining little fellows

Squirrels are highly adaptable, entertaining little fellows, but be warned — they can read you the riot act if need be

Unmatched love: Baby koala clinged on to his mother throughout her operation

A six ­months ­old koala joey named Phantom, hugged his mother throughout her operation in Australia Hospital.

Humans not smarter than animals: experts

Think you are smarter than animals? Maybe not!

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Science Take | How geckos move across water

The Asian house gecko can move across water at great speed by using a half-running, half-swimming motion.

Science Take | How to give a spider an eye test

Jumping spiders have excellent vision. To test it, scientists use a special machine of which there are only two in the world.


VIRAL: Video of tiger chasing tourists in Maharashtra goes viral

The video showing a tigress chasing a tourist vehicle in the buffer zone of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve( TATR) in Chandrapur district set alarm bells ringing in TATR administration. The road where it happened has been closed for safari rides.

NYT ScienceTake | The Science Behind a Frog’s Leap

A frog’s leap is a study in power and accuracy. So how do frogs do it, and what can humans learn from its mechanics?

Do parrots understand economics? Well, kind of | NYT ScienceTake

At least four different species shows they can accurately assign value to food and tokens, swamping lower value items for higher value food.

NYT ScienceTake: What ducks hear underwater

Scientists from the University of Delaware have created a hearing test for ducks. This is an important step. Watch here what they found.


On World Environment Day, a look at what countries are doing to promote tiger conservation

In 2018, 12 countries agreed to work on tiger conservation. This is how they are doing. India, while doing well, must realise it is not the time to slowdown.