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‘High losses of discoms a question mark on viability of capacity addition in India’

The change in law in Indonesia led to a hike in imported coal tariffs of more than 150 per cent, which has affected all imported coal-based projects.

Re depreciation to impact infrastructure borrowings,hit power sector hard

Close to 15 per cent of the total borrowings made to build infrastructure.


FE thinc: India Inc will have to learn to live with risks abroad

FE thinc: Challenges Indian companies face as they invest and expand abroad,and what they are doing to protect their interests.

‘Cos must recognise risks of govts reneging on treaties’

Speaking from recent experience in Indonesia,Tata Power managing director Anil Sardana said increasing the price of a natural resource by a government may not tantamount to reneging a bilateral agreement.

FE thinc: India Inc.'s risks abroad

We invite questions from our readers on the subject to be put to our panelists.

Tata Power eyes coal assets in US,Colombia

Tata Power's total generation capacity stands at 6,099 MegaWatts,the company said in June.


Tata Power looks at overseas for transmission

Tata Power,which has set a generation target of 26,000 MW by 2020.