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Happy New Year 2016: Here's why you should let go of your anger

Though anger is an emotion which is experienced by every person at some point of time, it seems like more and more people, including children, are increasingly losing their cool easily.

Language of emotion is vague

Definition of emotions such as shame and pride have remained vague as our society treats emotion as a negligible and largely destructive matter.


Anger, anxiety increase risk for heart disease

Stroke and heart attacks are the end products of progressive damage to blood vessels supplying the heart and brain.

US man kills girlfriend's baby for crying during football game

The baby boy was found four hours later 'unresponsive' with bruises in his head and blood in his ear.

Anger most powerful emotion on social media

Anger most influential emotion online,stir more responses than joy or sadness.

Depressed people can’t differentiate between feeling angry,guilty

It is difficult to improve your life without knowing whether you are sad or angry: expert


Why it is hard to control anger at times?

When levels of brain chemical called serotonin are low,it becomes more difficult to control anger.

Going on a diet can provoke anger

Those cutting out the calories are more irritable and angry than those who eat what they like.

2 more deaths; firing at Hazratbal

Two people were killed in firing by the police and CRPF and over 40 injured after thousands defied curfew across Kashmir Saturday

Facial expressions 'indicate nature of men,women'

Men are perceived to angry and dominant and women smiling and caring. But why? The answer may lie in the interpretation of facial expressions,a study says.