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Adware apps posing as photography apps, games tricked millions of Android users

The security firm Trend Micro found 85 individual apps which have been downloaded more than eight million times from Google Play — all of which have since been removed from the app store.

The enlightened one

A Buddhist temple in Japan has an android for a priest. But in India, even such an advanced AI may not be able to adapt.


New Android ransomware discovered, spreads on smartphones via SMS

Android/Filecoder.C ransomware has been discovered which spreads to other Android smartphones through SMS messages.

Best games to play on iOS and Android in July 2019: PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Critical Ops and more

Best iOS, Android Games to Play in July 2019: Here is a list of the best free smartphone games including PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9, Fortnite, Critical Ops and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius you can play on your iOS and Android smartphones this month.

What are Google Certified Android TVs and how are they different from AOSP Android TVs?

All issues and bugs with Certified Android TVs are taken care off by Google, which means that the operating system is comparatively more stable to the AOSP version.

Smartphone jargon and terms explained: From OLED, USB-C to Widevine L1

Confused by Widevine L1, USB-C, HDR Photography and other smartphone jargon? In this guide, we explain all the complicated terms that we think a smartphone buyer is likely to encounter.


Google Camera version 6.3 leaks, will bring Night Sight to the main UI replacing Panorama Mode

With this new update, Google has made its popular Night Sight feature much more easily accessible to users along with a number of other changes.

Microsoft working on foldable Surface that will run Android apps: Report

Microsoft is reportedly working on a foldable Surface that could be launched as early as the first quarter of 2020. The device is expected to have two 9-inch displays with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

Huawei’s Android rival could fail without popular apps, developer support

Huawei can, of course, bring Android app compatibility into its new OS. BlackBerry and Microsoft did their best to bring Android apps support into their respective mobile platforms but they had a difficult time persuading consumers.

Honor 20 Pro receives Google certification, launch expected in July: Report

A new release date hasn't been set, but the Honor 20 Pro is expected to hit retail shelves by mid-July.

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Android Cupcake to Android Marshmallow: A photo tour of Android versions

A visual tour of Android versions with their dessert names down the year

Naiyyappam to Nankhatai: 5 Indian sweets that will make Android N sweeter

It might be possible that Google names the next Android N version after an Indian dessert. Let us take a look at the top five.


Huawei Watch: Check out the most elegant Android Wear smartwatch yet

Huawei Watch sets an all new benchmark for smartwatch design in the Android Wear world

Android N Developer Preview: Here's what has changed

Android N Developer Preview's early release shows new split-screen multitasking and improved quick reply functions

Truecaller to Hotstar: Google's top 10 Android apps of 2015

Which are the top Android apps of 2015? Here is the list from Google Play

Android turns 8: We take a look back at all the desserts served by Google

It has been 8 years since Google launched its first Android version. Let us take look at these versions from latest to the first released.


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Nokia 7.1 Review: Design, Display USPs; Exciting Features of Android 9.0 Pie

Nokia 7.1, the new premium mid-end phone by HMD Global has a price of Rs 19,999. The USPs are its HDR10 display and stunning glass body design. The phone runs Android 9.0 Pie bringing in exciting features. So, how does it perform? Here is our review.

Android Pie is now official: Top features of Android 9

Google has confirmed that Android 9 will be called Android P. Here are the top features.