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World Chess Championship: Magnus Carlsen closes in on title after yet another draw against Viswanathan Anand

With 7th draw in 10 games, Carlsen leads 5.5-4.5 and is now 1 point away from retaining the crown.

Honoured to beat one of the greatest of all time: Magnus Carlsen

Anand said he could not execute his plans and was unable to keep mistakes from cropping up.


Magnus Opus: After draw in game 10,Carlsen is crowned World Champion

When the players got up,there were just three pieces left on the board.

Viswanathan Anand's knightmare,Magnus Carlsen's dream

Carlsen a draw away from world title after a desperate Vishy,going for kill,makes a suicidal move.

Young gun Magnus Carlsen's quick-draw trick

Against Anand,challenger Carlsen has been flexible enough to use the draw as a blunting weapon.

Magnus Carlsen breaks deadlock

Playing white pieces,Carlsen makes small advantage count,forcing Anand into fatal endgame errors.


Viswanathan Anand misses chance to make a point

Champion gives challenger a scare with black pieces but Carlsen recovers to draw.

Energy of youth vs years of wisdom

Carlsen is blessed with a superb memory,an uncanny sense of harmony and a sharp tactical eye.

Magnus Carlsen at 12: 'Why was I born without any chess talent?'

It is amusing to look back at some of comments made by a very young Carlsen at Gausdal tournament.