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From iron to vitamin B12: Five common nutritional deficiencies among Indians

Carbohydrates, fat and protein are macronutrients and need to be consumed in larger quantities for energy production,while vitamins and minerals, are micronutrients which are required in smaller quantities, but if not consumed adequately can have an adverse effect on health.

From reducing stress to managing blood sugar: Ashwagandha and its health benefits

Its botanical name is Withania somnifera, and it is also known by several other names including Indian ginseng and winter cherry.


Chhattisgarh government to launch scheme providing free meals to those affected by anaemia, malnutrition

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel made the announcement on the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples and said that while initial pilot projects are already in operation in Bastar, the scheme would first be launched on October 2.

High iron levels may help lower cholesterol: Study

The study, published in the journal PLOS Medicine, looked at the role that iron plays in 900 diseases, uncovering the impact of both low and high iron levels.

All about prenatal anaemia as Google doodle honours Lucy Wills, who discovered folic acid

Prenatal anaemia: As the Google doodle honours haematologist Lucy Wills, whose discovery of folic acid changed preventive prenatal care, we talk about the importance of the vitamin for prenatal anaemia.

2015-16 National Family Health Survey Report Anaemia among kids aged 6-59 months highest in Chandigarh: Report

The report puts the prevalence of anaemia among children aged 6-59 months at 73 per cent against the national prevalence of 58.4 per cent for this category. The report states that Delhi had 59.7 per cent, while Haryana had 71.7 per cent prevalence. Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and other states recorded a lower level of prevalence than Chandigarh.


Gujarat govt launches drive against anaemia

The scheme that is divided into five target areas includes children right from 6 months to 45 years, women of reproductive age.

NFHS report reveals 50% children under five years anaemic in West Bengal

Also, more than 60 per cent of all women and 53.2 per cent of pregnant women were found anaemic in the state.

Anaemia common in children from affluent families

Data indicates that anaemia prevalence among affluent Indian families ranges from a significant 19 percent to whopping 88 percent across five cities.

While shifting to gluten-free diet,exercise caution

Those diagnosed with celiac disease may eat small amounts of gluten on and off.