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Govt clears road for other cars as Ambassador drives out

Finance Ministry has said cars up to Rs 4,75,000 can be bought as staff vehicles.

We'll miss you! Artists pay tribute to Ambassador car

As Hindustan Motors hits the brakes on the Ambassador car, artists gear up to visit memory lane through their installations, paintings and parties.


Death of a car

The Ambassador was an anachronism in a changing India of infinite choice.

End of road for car of official India?

Hindustan Motors Ltd said in a statement that it had suspended work at its Uttarpara plant, near Kolkata, until further notice.

CITCO to replace Delhi guesthouse Ambassador car with Honda City

Caring two hoots about the advisory issued by the Centre for all the government departments to practise austerity measures,the Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation (CITCO) seems to believe in just the opposite.

For the Shiny,Happy People

Architecture was visible only as a low flat-top building close to the ground,extending shadowed passages and verandahs into lawns and flower patches.


For police Ambassadors,end of the road: The force wants faster sedans

In a few months,the Ambassador car — a symbol of power,and the oldest inductee in the Delhi Police fleet — will be relegated to the annals of history.

HM plans new Ambassador variants

Ambassador,one of oldest passenger cars in the country,is planning a comeback.

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A year after, end of road for the iconic Ambassador car

Hindustan Motors had suspended production from May 25, 2014 at its Uttarpara factory in West Bengal due to weak demand and lack of funds.