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On Alzheimer's day, understanding the disease, and attitude to dementia in India, world

According to the US-based Alzheimer’s Association, there are over 4 million people in India who suffer from some form of dementia.

These superfoods could help you deal with Alzheimer's disease

On the occasion of World Alzheimer's Day (today), we bring you these super-foods/diet tweaks that could cut down the risk of the disease.


'Novel drug may protect against Alzheimer disease'

Recent studies have found that Alzheimer's may develop without dementia in nearly 25 per cent of healthy 80-year-old patients, suggesting the body may turn to compensatory mechanisms to maintain the nervous system, said researchers from the University at Buffalo in the US.

Know how obesity may cause early onset of Alzheimer's

The results showed that ageing, combined with a high fat and high sugar diet, results in increased inflammation and stress in the hippocampus -- responsible for long-term memory

Decoding dementia: It's not a demon (May 21-27 is Dementia Action [Awareness] Week)

Patients with Alzheimer's disease and dementia deserve our love and respect, but nothing can replace the full-time care and attention that a professional caregiver can provide. We should plan our care with care.

Infants showing early signs of Alzheimer's disease, air pollution triggering symptoms: Research

Exposure to fine-particulate-matter pollution and the thick sheet of smog, that is found in Mexico City and other parts of the world as well, contributed to triggering the symptoms. 


Sleep apnoea may increase alzheimer's risk in elderly

According to researchers, Alzheimer's disease is a "progressive neurodegenerative disorder" that destroys memory and other important mental functions and more sleep apnoeas further enhances its risk.

Alzheimer's disease can be kept at bay by nutrient drink

Scientists have developed a nutrient cocktail which may slow down cognitive impairment in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

New AI system can predict Alzheimer's 10 years in advance

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence system that can accurately identify signs of Alzheimer's disease almost 10 years before clinical symptoms appear.

Poor sleep may point to onset of Alzheimer's disease: study

While some of these relationships were strong when looking at everyone as a group, not everyone with sleep problems has abnormalities in their spinal fluid. There was no link between biological markers in spinal fluid and obstructive sleep apnea.