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Alibaba founder Jack Ma's latest advice to employees: 'Sex for six days, six times'

Jack Ma, China's richest man, was speaking at the company’s mass wedding which takes place every year on ‘Ali Day’ on May 10 at the company’s headquarters in Hangzhou.

BigBasket raises another $150 mn in fresh funding

Bigbasket, which sells everything from groceries and fresh produce to pet food, competes with Inc and Walmart Inc's e-commerce unit Flipkart in many categories.


On the Loose: Burn Out

There can be a rich life outside of work

Alibaba head's remarks spark debate over China working hours

Jack Ma is one of China's richest men and his comments last week brought both condemnation and support as China's more mature economy enters a period of slower growth.

Ant Financial agrees to acquire UK-based currency exchange WorldFirst

Ant Financial ran into problems when its plan to purchase MoneyGram, a U.S. based money remittance provider.

At Alibaba's futuristic hotel, robots deliver towels and mix cocktails

At the hotel's restaurant, taller capsule-shaped robots deliver food, while at a separate bar, a large robotic arm can mix more than 20 different types of cocktails. Facial recognition cameras add charges to the room rate automatically.


Alibaba Group registers record sales on Single's Day, rakes up $30 billion

People from over 230 countries and regions flocked Alibaba's online portals, helping it surpass the 100 billion yuan mark in less than two hours. Alibaba owned logistic enterprise Cainiao Network alone processed more than 1 billion delivery orders.

Alibaba sets Singles' Day record with $30 billion in sales

Alibaba surpassed the 100 billion yuan mark less than two hours into Singles’ Day, according to Alibaba’s news website.

Alibaba Singles' Day sales cross 100 billion yuan in 2 hrs, on course for new record

Singles’ Day was the brainchild of co-founder Ma and Zhang, who came up with the idea of turning the counter-cultural holiday into a shopfest a decade ago.

Daniel Zhang, the accountant who will take the reins of Alibaba from Jack Ma

The veteran CFO espouses a less flamboyant style than his charismatic boss, who dispenses folksy wisdom on the global conference circuit and hob-nobs with heads of states and celebrities.