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This AI algorithm can solve Rubik's cube in less than a second

Scientists at the University of California have developed an AI algorithm called DeepCubeA,which can solve a Rubik's cube in a fraction of a second.

Public policy must regulate algorithms and AI to avoid adverse impact on society

A rethink of public policy is absolutely essential if non-desirable impacts of artificial intelligence on human race are to be arrested.


A documentary on blind chess players in India raises issues of equality and identity

Around the three boys revolves British filmmaker Ian McDonald’s documentary, Algorithms, about blind chess players in India.

Brain's decision making algorithms decoded

Study is the first to combine computer simulations with brain- imaging data.

Investor crisis bins investment models

Wall Street is setting aside its algorithms and turning to experts on how to make money.

Catch me if you can? This software definitely can!

New software by Indian-origin scientist nabs suspects by matching hand-drawn facial sketches to mug shots.