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In an artist’s studio, the palette is evidence: Atul Dodiya

Artist Atul Dodiya on his love for the films of Alfred Hitchcock and how they opened the possibilities of abstract painting for him.

‘An artist is always questioning his choices’

Pioneering German video artist Marcel Odenbach on his collage-like approach to art he creates and why learning to kill the image you love is important.


Psycho Analysis

With his 1960 classic, Hitchcock invented a genre. Two revived films relate to it in 2018.

This rare book store in Chennai is a paradise for the bookworms and cinephiles

Meet Govindaraju, a book collector, whose stories and books pleasantly remind us of an era that we nostalgically yearn for. If you're in Chennai and like books or cinema, his shop is a must-visit.

Why Alfred Hitchcock movies grab our attention found

The movies of Alfred Hitchcock nicknamed the 'Master of Suspense' have made our palms sweat and pulses race for more than 65 years.

Through the Rear Window

A workshop on Alfred Hitchcock will critique his iconic films and validate his style of being the Master of Suspense.


‘It’s torture at the editing table’

French filmmaker Claire Denis shares the craft of filmmaking with FTII students

Shh...It's Hitchcock

Before the director made his spine-chilling thrillers,he made a boarding-school story,even a rural comedy—all silent movies

House where Alfred Hitchcock once stayed on sale for USD 1.4mn

The house where filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock wrote 'The Birds' is on market for USD 1.4 million.

Express picks : Pen a Story

Alfred Hitchcock,one of the most influential filmmakers of all time and a cultural icon,now has a Montblanc to his name.