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How Green is My City: The other Delhi, of lush foliage and birdcalls

From time to time, Delhi residents need to be reminded of just how green and full of natural life Delhi still is.

Modi effect: One publisher quits, other spikes

Ravi Singh of Aleph ‘quits’ over decision to put Doniger on hold, publish Modi verse.


The Islands Within

The past and future of Mumbai,with people at the centre of the debate.

Smell the Kapi

The changing skyline of rapidly evolving Chennai.

The Sarkar is an Ass

A satire on India’s politics and society announces a brave new voice.

A Patna Filler

A biography of Bihar’s capital sells the city short


Hinduism,and Some Limericks Too

The sum of a life’s work in a refreshingly creative idiom

Winged Soothsayers

A tribute to butterflies recognises their role in our natural world

A Wrestler and a Courtesan

A quiet story about a divided land gathers depth with every turning page

The Great Game

Cricket becomes a metaphor for courage in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan