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The Importance of Being Edward

The latest fictional account about EM Forster’s life overlooks the politics of race and gender.

Modi effect: One publisher quits, other spikes

Ravi Singh of Aleph ‘quits’ over decision to put Doniger on hold, publish Modi verse.


Same group attacks another Doniger book

Co Publisher of Aleph Publications, Ravi Singh, however, completely denied any such move.

Belling the Cat

The Awards were started in 2008.

Eyes on the Tiger

With the launch of his new book that traces the Indian tiger over the last 500 years,Valmik Thapar talks about the government apathy that has led to its near-extinction

Small Remedies

Three generations of women,and the gentle feminism with which they face the randomness of life.


Booking Open in Chandigarh

The city bonds over literature with four literary societies launched in the last two months

Back With the Books

David Davidar,who was President of Penguin Canada until a sexual harassment suit forced him out last year,returns to India to start a new publishing house,Aleph Book Company