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Accused in 2002 Akshardham temple attack in Gujarat arrested

Two armed terrorists had attacked the temple in Gandhinagar, killing 30 people and injuring eight on September 24, 2002. The attack followed the Godhra riots in the same year.

Akshardham temple terror attack: Prime conspirator arrested after arriving from Saudi Arabia

Abdul Rashid Ajmeri, an Ahmedabad resident, "had absconded to Riyadh before the terror act was committed," DCP of Ahmadabad Crime Branch, Deepan Bhadran said, adding that more names may come out during his interrogation.


Akshardham case: Forced to copy a letter that was used as evidence against me, says Mufti Abdul Qaiyum

Six men in Ahmedabad this month will be celebrating their first year of freedom after spending years in jail. One of them is coming out with a book about his 11 years in a Gujarat jail as a convicted terrorist sentenced to death for his “role” in the 2002 Akshardham attack case, fending off police […]

Akshardham attack: Supreme Court junks Gujarat review plea

The state government now has the option to file a curative petition before the Supreme Court.

Cleared by SC, but they still fear the police midnight knock

Despite acquittal in Akshardham case, they say police question them, their kin.

Akshardham attack: POTA court acquits remaining 2 accused

Supreme Court bench on May 16 had acquitted six accused, who had been convicted by the sessions court and the Gujarat High Court in 2010.


Akshardham temple attack: Six acquitted seek damages

He was accompanied by lawyers Khalid Shaikh, Ejaz Qureshi, Ansar Tamboli and Shahid Nadeem Ansar, who represented the them.

‘Amit Shah has a long history. Muzaffarnagar is an example. Adding ghee to fire flares it up’

In this Idea Exchange moderated by Senior Editor D K Singh, Congress UP in-charge Madhusudan Mistry goes all out against Narendra Modi.

Terror arrests: Police cite link to ‘financier’ of Akshardham attack

Bangalore police have named a 49-year-old man wanted by Interpol as one of their contacts.

Akshardham attack: 24 accused still at large

Even as the High Court has upheld the conviction of six people in connection with the 2002 Akshardham Temple terror attack,24...