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Vintage plane will be turned into an in-flight lounge in New York City

The vintage plane will pay homage to the era when TWA flight centre first opened in 1962, before closing in 2001 after TWA was acquired by American Airlines.

Umang, a boon for fliers leaving behind luggage at airports

"In 'Lost and Found' portal, passengers could not raise a complaint or put a request. Instead, they had to wait for the airports authorities to upload the items found at their respective buildings on the portal.”


The airports of the future have arrived

Two of the biggest airports in the world — Istanbul and Beijing — aim to make travel easier and faster for the passengers who use them.

What is Digi Yatra initiative?

The government Thursday unveiled the Digi Yatra initiative under which the flyers can soon use facial recognition technology to enter the airport.

Airport trays contain more germs than toilet seats: Study

While several surfaces tested positive for respiratory viruses, researchers found that trays at security checkpoints were the worst. Half the trays possessed germs, including influenza A and rhinovirus, which causes cold and influenza.

A disaster in Japan shows what can go wrong at many major airports near sea level

A quarter of the world’s 100 busiest airports are less than 10 meters, or 32 feet, above sea level, according to an analysis.


18 cases of drone spotting near airports this year: Govt

Against this backdrop, the number of cases of drones, which are a hazard for aeroplanes, detected around airports have gone up in the last one year.

Chennai: Gold bars worth Rs 1.15 Cr seized from aircraft toilet

During the search, two black-coloured pouches concealed inside the toilets were seized and investigations revealed that two gold bars were covered with 'thick black adhesive tapes' in it.

10 more airports to end stamping of hand baggage tags: CISF DG

The old stamping of hand baggage bags procedure had been a major irritant for passengers and they have made many complaints in this regard to airport authorities saying the system poses hassles for them as it consumes time and in case they forget to get it tagged, security personnel would ask them to go back and get it done.

Frequent travellers, 'prominent' Indians to soon get speedy clearances at select airports

The Home Ministry said that these Prominent and frequent travellers with unblemished record would have to go straight to a designated immigration counter, complete the minimum formalities and leave within a few minutes, while travelling abroad.