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China to build four nuclear aircraft carriers to catch up with US Navy: report

Four of at least six aircraft battle groups China plans to have in the water by 2035 will be nuclear-powered, as the Asian giant tries to equal the US in naval strength, the South China Morning Post reported.

Pentagon confirms rare, three aircraft carrier drill November 11-14

"It is a rare opportunity to train with two aircraft carriers together, and even rarer to be able to train with three," Admiral Scott Swift, U.S. Pacific Fleet commander, said in a statement, adding the drills would take place from Saturday to Tuesday.


Aircraft carrier Vikramaditya fully operational: Navy Chief

Sources said the navy has proposed that the commissioning ceremony for the warships be presided over by a senior minister, as has been the norm.

India's aircraft carrier INS Vikrant raises hackles in China

Chinese defence experts said the aircraft carrier would have great significance for India.

9-year wait ends: India finally has INS Vikramaditya

Antony attends handing-over,says at one point he had almost given up hope.

Vikramaditya has might but little protection against air attacks

Aircraft carrier will be fitted with missiles in a few years.


INS Vikramaditya has might but little protection against air attacks

Vikramaditya will be the only ship of its class to not have air defence systems.

A cruel blow to Navy’s weakest link

Underwater fleet already a concern,loss comes when submarines are being retired faster than they are being acquired

First indigenous aircraft carrier Vikrant launched

The warship is the largest ever to be built in India.

The INS Vikrant: A 37,500-tonne defence statement

As per the plan,work was to start in 2008 and the ship expected to join service by 2014.