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The next generation of aircraft will track your bathroom visits. Here's why

Airbus also plans to offer airlines the option of cameras at each lavatory (on the outside, mind you) to count how many passengers are waiting, a feature which may help flight attendants redirect some of that traffic on larger jets.

Airbus extends lead over Boeing in 2019 airliner deliveries

Boeing airliner delivers tumble again in July due to grounding of its Max jet after two deadly crashes.


Airbus woos American Airlines with new jet in deja vu for Boeing

With the proposed A321XLR, Airbus is seeking to steal customers from a distracted Boeing after executives postponed a decision on an all-new model for middle-distance routes while they deal with the Max crisis.

Airbus urges airlines to pressure Boeing over subsidy row

The appeal was issued in a letter to several airline bosses meeting in Seoul where the International Air Transport Association has warned of the impact of broader global trade tensions, a person familiar with the issuance of the letter said.

Christian Scherer: ‘US-China tariff war not to benefit Airbus; Boeing to lose more with elevated trade barriers in Europe’

Christian Scherer said that contrary to what is perceived, trade tensions between the US and China are not beneficial for Airbus.

Airbus & SAS Scandinavian Airlines to research hybrid, electric aircraft

Speaking at Airbus Innovation Days 2019 here Wednesday, the company’s chief technology officer Grazia Vittadini pointed out that full scale jet propulsion using electric is not feasible.


Airbus secures $35 billion China deal in new blow to Boeing

The Airbus coup comes while Boeing’s own 737 Max narrow-body — the chief global rival to the A320 — has been idled following two fatal crashes in five months.

Simply Put: Trade wars, taken to the MAX

Among countries that have grounded B737 MAX 8 after crash, many were targeted in US trade policies. A look at how these moves are a manifestation of trade wars as well as rivalry between plane-makers.

World's longest flight has Boeing and Airbus battling for deal

The Australian airline plans to fly non-stop from Sydney to New York and London by 2022, marathon routes that will be the world’s longest commercial services.

Airbus to stop making A380 superjumbos: How the European dream became white elephant

Once hailed as the industrial counterpart to Europe's single currency, the demise of a globally recognised European symbol coincides with growing political strains between Britain, France, Germany and Spain where the plane is built.