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Luxury travel: Longer hauls, nicer planes, and other ways travel changed in 2018

There’s a lot about travel that has changed over the past 12 months—even if you were too fixated on your destination to notice. Here, the major highlights.

A disaster in Japan shows what can go wrong at many major airports near sea level

A quarter of the world’s 100 busiest airports are less than 10 meters, or 32 feet, above sea level, according to an analysis.


How to manage infants on long-haul flights

Being caged in the aircraft for too long can be frustrating even for the parent, let alone children. In such cases, how can parents tackle their children?

What causes aircraft related cardiovascular damage?

An enzyme located in the inflammatory cells of the body is responsible for vascular damage caused by aircraft noise. Various studies have shown that long-term exposure to aircraft noise can lead to increased development of cardiovascular diseases.

Colombian airline wants travellers to 'stand up' to lower travel cost

Airlines are coming up with ideas to make air travel cheaper as well as keep up their profitability. One such suggestion is to do away with seats while the passengers travel standing up.

Frequent travellers, 'prominent' Indians to soon get speedy clearances at select airports

The Home Ministry said that these Prominent and frequent travellers with unblemished record would have to go straight to a designated immigration counter, complete the minimum formalities and leave within a few minutes, while travelling abroad.


For kids with autism, a 'flight' to ease stress

Air travel rehearsal at Baltimore was done to alleviate stress for children with autism.

Inflight Turbulence

Indians love breaking rules when flying.

Govt to look at bringing parity in compensation for air passengers

Huge difference in compensation for domestic,international travel has been a contentious issue.

Business class air travel set to plunge

Decline in business confidence and slowdown of world trade is likely to affect premium class air travel.