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Air Traffic Control


Multiple warnings, ATC help avert mid-air collision of three planes

December 28, 2018 11:50 pm

Flights of Dutch carrier KLM, Taiwan's Eva Air and the US-based National Airlines were involved in the incident, the official said. The incident happened in the Delhi Flight Information Region (FIR).

Mumbai: Two Air Traffic Control employees injured in attack at Vile Parle colony

November 20, 2018 2:50 am

The incident took place when manager Rajkumar Yadav left his home at ATC Colony in Vile Parle East to go to the domestic airport for his night shift. Police said he spotted a group of seven-eight young men drinking and he scolded them for consuming alcohol in the area.

Trump derides America's air traffic control systems as 'antiquated', announces modernisation measures

June 06, 2017 10:18 am

US President Donald Trump announced modernisation of the country's 'outdated' air traffic control technology to help reduce wait time, increase route efficiency and safety and ensure fewer delays.

London hit by air traffic control computer failure

December 13, 2014 3:11 pm

Congested airspace over London was closed during the 35-minute shutdown.

Delhi ATC to provide real-time weather to pilots by next year

October 30, 2014 2:23 am

Weather data transferred via software will be available at all air traffic control towers.

Narrow miss for AI flight as Karachi ATC gives wrong frequency

March 12, 2014 3:50 am

They later got in touch with Ahmedabad ATC and established contact with Mumbai ATC on the correct frequency.

New ATC tower starts operations

January 02, 2014 4:53 am

Built on an area of 2,800 sq m,the new ATC tower can handle 750 landings and control over 960 flights.

Rahul Gandhi's jet forced to make go-around at Delhi airport

December 12, 2013 4:10 pm

DGCA probing incident to ascertain which aircraft was at fault.

2 Air India pilots suspended

April 20, 2013 3:53 am

Two pilots of an Air India (AI) flight,which landed at Mumbai airport last week without Air Traffic Control clearance,have been suspended.

Air France plane makes emergency landing soon after take-off

March 12, 2013 12:21 am

A Paris-bound Air France flight made a full emergency landing at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) on Monday a few minutes after take-off.