Air Pollution

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Tips to avoid indoor air pollution

Air pollutants like particulate matter (PM), ozone (O3), sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and lead (Pb) can affect the lung in numerous ways like inflammation, oxidative stress, and cell cycle death.

Delhi-Meerut, Eastern Peripheral Expressway to be inaugurated by PM Modi: All you need to know

Delhi-Meerut, Eastern Peripheral Expressway inauguration: All you need to know

Delhi-Meerut, Eastern Peripheral Expressways: The twin projects happen to be one of India’s most ambitious road network initiatives in recent times. Delhi-Meerut Expressway is expected to cut down the travel time between the two cities to 60 minutes.

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Draft national clean air programme meaningless: Experts

Even though air pollution affects not just the environment but also health, the draft entrusts all responsibility on MoEF and CPCB. No inter-ministerial or inter-departmental coordination is outlined.

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Flexible, honey-comb like 3D material could clear air pollution: Study

Scientists have been able to create a 3D structure inspired by the honeycomb structure of beehives, that will soon be able to control air pollution.

Rajasthan proposes weekend sermons in schools. There are better ways to strengthen the moral fibre

Sting in the air

WHO report should raise questions on India’s big-city centred pollution mitigation efforts

WHO report on air pollution: Govt says made serious efforts, scientists say Mumbai not as polluted

“There is no doubt that air pollution is increasingly become a cause of concern in Indian cities. The major worry for us is PM 2.5 air pollutant in crowded Indian cities while ozone is a problem in rural areas, especially in summer,” Beig told The Indian Express.

Pune: Experts say draft national clean air programme meaningless

North India has the foulest air in the world, says the WHO — this is why

According to WHO, 14 of the world’s 15 cities with highest levels of PM 2.5 in 2016 were in 7 Indian states. Geography has a big role in this situation.

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WHO report grim reminder that air pollution a national health crisis: Experts

“WHO report clearly underplays the situation by mixing up data from many years. In reality the situation in India is much worse. It’s imperative that the NCAP has clear targets for pollution reduction and interim milestones,” said Sunil Dahiya, senior campaigner at Greenpeace India.

World Health Organisation to South-East Asian countries: Accelerate efforts to address air pollution

The combined effects of household air pollution and ambient air pollution will become increasingly hard to address if not tackled early, the World Health Organization official said.

NCAP draft ‘Pollution-mortality link needs more indigenous studies’

The NCAP draft, however, notes that many international studies often report data on mortality due to air pollution exposure, and “these studies use extrapolation techniques for air quality and health/disease related data, which probably may not be realistic”.

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How polluted New Delhi really is? These pollution pods duplicate the air quality levels of 5 cities

An art installation of pollution pods has been set up to test whether art as a medium can change people’s view about air pollution all across the globe. They will be duplicating the pollution levels of London, New Delhi, Sao Paolo, Beijing and Tautra.

Centre to refund GST on rations used for langar, similar meals

NCAP to play crucial role to address air pollution, says Union Minister Mahesh Sharma

Greenpeace India had earlier said that the targets, which were deliberated in the environment ministry as per the file noting and was also communicated by the minister to the press earlier, was lacking in the draft.

India lacks funds to stop crop burning that pollutes Delhi

Stubble burning doubles Delhi pollution: Harvard study

During the post-monsoon season, the air in northern India is particularly stagnant, meaning smoke particles do not vent into the atmosphere as they would during other times of the year.

Mottainai for Swachh Bharat

An aversion to wastefulness is ingrained in the Japanese people. Japan has suffered from the consequences of pollution, it can help India avoid that fate.

Meerut mahayagna will reduce air pollution, claim organisers

A Hindu outfit, Shri Ayutchandi Mahayagna Samiti, is organising the event during which one crore offerings to fire will be made by priests, who have come from Varanasi and Vrindavan.