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The dangers of air pollution: What you need to know about Delhi smog

Anyone who engages in strenuous outdoor activity, from jogging to manual labour, is prone to smog-related health hazards.

‘Tackling air pollution not possible with just household-level steps’

Mitigating sources such as biomass and kerosene used by Indian households would meet the annual air quality standard of 40 micrograms per cubic metre air, the report published Monday by journal PNAS said.


Delhi: Pollution has led to spike in heart, lung illness, says doctors

With the temperature set to dip further, doctors cautioned that any symptom of chest pain along with difficulty in breathing should be addressed immediately.

From ginger to olive oil: Foods that can safeguard against air pollution

Eating a well-balanced diet could be one way of tackling the problem as some foods have been proven to protect you from the pollutants. Here are some foods that can make you more susceptible to the detrimental effects of air pollution.

Go for these easy-to-grow indoor plants to fight the ill-effects of air pollution

We bring to you a list of houseplants that will not only help to combat air pollution and add beauty to your surroundings but are also very easy to grow and maintain.

Delhi Air Pollution: Try these effective breathing exercises for strong lungs

Alarmingly, 14 of the 20 most polluted cities are in India. To minimise the harmful effects of air pollution, you can op t for some breathing exercises to keep our lungs strong, healthy and clean. 


Homemade skin and hair mask concoctions to protect against air pollution

From honey and olive to beer, here are some masks to protect your skin and hair from the harmful effects of air pollution. Bring back the glow this festive season.

Air pollution: Over Rs 15 lakh in penalties on violators in Noida

The action comes a day after the Supreme Court directed the CPCB to initiate prosecution of government officials who have not penalised polluters despite receiving complaint against them.

North India pollution Highlights: Delhi air quality improves to 'very poor'; stubble burning remained marginal

North India pollution: Delhi's air quality is expected to remain in the 'severe' category as the already toxic situation caused by smoke from fireworks is likely to aggravate further due to intensified stubble burning in neighbouring states.

Delhi Air Pollution: Quirky masks to fight the pollution that surrounds us

The air quality in the capital has worsened of late and a thick layer of smog looms over us as we gear up for Diwali celebrations. We bring to you a range of masks - some quirky, some basic - that will help you combat pollution. 

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Tandoors Contributing To Delhi's Air Pollution: IIT Kanpur Study

As the odd and even vehicle number experiment, one of the measures taken to reduce pollution levels in Delhi, draws to a close Friday, a study by IIT Kanpur has identified coal-fired tandoors in restaurants and hotels of the Capital as one of the contributors of particulate matter. The study was commissioned by the Delhi […]