Trump plans to end the AIDS epidemic. In places like Mississippi, obstacles are everywhere

Reaching those goals will take a huge amount of money — far more than the $291 million Trump requested in his 2020 budget proposal. Moreover, it will require courageous political leadership, not just from the White House, but from every statehouse and city hall in the nation.

State AIDS Control society data: 638 tested HIV positive, 11 per cent from Chandigarh

From 2014 the numbers of HIV positive cases have consistently dropped. As in 2015-16 only 0.98 percent of those who got their test done were tested positive.


World Aids day: ‘11.81 lakh living with HIV on anti-retroviral treatment’

Despite tremendous progress, the AIDS epidemic is not yet over

Now, an oral test to detect HIV, NARI study to assess accuracy

The Indian Council of Medical Research’s scientific committee has given the go-ahead to NARI for the project. It is like a pregnancy test kit and the confirmatory diagnosis is done later.

Tamil Nadu: Man with HIV, kills two daughters, attempts suicide

On noticing the three lying conscious, the neighbours informed the police, who rushed to the spot and shifted them to Anthiyur Government Hospital. 

Mizoram tops states in adult HIV prevalence

According to the Estimations report, HIV incidence per 1,000 uninfected population in 2017 was also highest in Mizoram (1.32) followed by Nagaland (0.59) and Manipur (0.58).


NACO report: India has 21.40 lakh people living with HIV-AIDS

At 2.04 per cent, Mizoram had the highest adult HIV prevalence, followed by Manipur at 1.43 per cent and Nagaland at 1.15 per cent. 

Delhi: Three men offering ‘Ayurveda cure’ for cancer and AIDS arrested

The case came to light after a resident of Sarojini Nagar claimed that he went to them as his son, aged one-and-a-half years, was suffering from jaundice. Despite consultations at AIIMS and spending Rs 2 lakh, the child’s health did not improve, police said.

To help HIV+ve people find life partner, IIM-A launches matrimonial website

A team of researchers led by the faculty of Centre for Management of Health Services (CMHS) at IIM-A with GSNP+, a non-profit organisation, launched the website on Tuesday to facilitate the marriage of HIV affected people across the globe.

To prevent HIV infection NACO to focus on ‘vulnerable groups’

HIV prevalence was 1.6 per cent among female sex workers, 2.7 per cent among men having sex with men, 3.1 per cent among eunuchs/transgender and 6.3 per cent in IDU compared to 0.28 per cent among pregnant women attending ante natal care clinics.

AIDS Photos

World Aids Day: Live inspired — Celebs living with HIV and AIDS

Because of the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, a lot of people who have tested positive either turn recluse or the society ostracises them. People think their lives are over and even suffer from depression, mostly because of the lack of support and love from the society. But over time, many celebrities and well-known personalities have come out in the open to share their stories, and inspire people meanwhile. On the occasion of World AIDS Day, here are 10 of them and their life stories of courage.

World AIDS Day: The battle against the pandemic still on

The AIDS pandemic began more than 30 years ago and has killed up to 40 million people worldwide. On World AIDS Day, here's showcasing some inspiring pictures from across the globe that fill us with hope.


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Meet the KGB spies who invented fake news

The New York Times reveals how one of the biggest fake news stories ever concocted — the 1984 AIDS-is-a-biological-weapon hoax — went viral in the pre-Internet era. Meet the KGB cons who invented it, and the “truth squad” that quashed it. For a bit.