Explained: Why Mary Kom’s Olympic dream hinges on meeting in Tokyo

It made its Olympic debut in ancient Greece c. 688 BC and has been a staple at the Games since 1920, but boxing could be knocked out of the 2020 edition.

Boxing will remain in Olympics: AIBA chief

The sport risks ejection from the Olympics after controversial Uzbek businessman Rakhimov was elected AIBA president this month.


Accept our olive branch: AIBA President Gafur Rakhimov to IOC 

Gafur Rakhimov was elected to the top post on Saturday despite warnings from the IOC that it would jeopardise boxing's future at the Olympics.

CAS clears candidate for amateur boxing federation election

The International Olympic Committee has warned AIBA it risks being barred from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics if Gafur Rakhimov wins the election.

Date set for court verdict in Olympic boxing presidency case   

CAS says it also registered a separate appeal, by the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation, seeking to delay the election scheduled for November 3 in Moscow.

Excluded AIBA presidency candidate lodges CAS appeal

AIBA has been in turmoil for several years and its former president Wu Ching-kuo was suspended in 2017 before stepping down over governance and finance issues.


Why the gloves are off between the IOC and AIBA

Financial and governance issues have been a bone of contention between the Olympic body and the international boxing federation of late. In the run-up to the AIBA polls, the background of the president-in-waiting is turning into a flashpoint.

Mary Kom to lead Indian challenge at AIBA women's world championship

M C Mary Kom (48kg) will be the spearhead of a 10-strong Indian team named Friday for the AIBA women's world boxing championships.

AIBA to allow right to protest after controversial decisions at Asian Games

AIBA have decided to introduce a right to protest against controversial judgements that marred the Asian Games 2018.

Doing everything to keep boxing in Olympics: AIBA President Gafur Rahimov

AIBA interim President Gafur Rahimov insists that his perseverant organisation remains on course to regain the IOC's trust.