Ahimsa News

Mahatma Gandhi's 3D hologram at UNESCO to mark International Day of Non Violence 2019

The 3D hologram would address the audience and explain the philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi through an audio-visual medium.


Ahimsa is a tool for children to change the world: Supriya Kelkar

"I want young readers to question who is being included in narratives and who is being marginalised. And I want them to know they have a very powerful tool within them that they can use any time to change the world: Ahimsa."

Ten life lessons by Baapu on Gandhi Jayanti

He had a unique understanding of life and his words hold significance even today. On Mahatma Gandhi's 145th anniversary, we revisit his top 10 life lessons.

Experiments with Gandhian way of life for Rs 1,000 a day

People allowed to stay in Gujrat Vidyapith will have to follow 11 Gandhian vows.