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A straw that is worth clutching at

Boosting farm incomes is the best way to combat the Indian economy’s woes today.

Farm income growth slumps to a 14-year-low in Oct-December 2018

Since for the farmer, it is not mere output but income (output multiplied by price) that matters, growth in nominal agricultural GVA being at low single-digits isn’t good news. Nor would it be so for any ruling party ahead of elections.


GST and Rural India: No takers for ‘branded’ foodgrains

But the 5 per cent GST has abruptly upset this established system of trading. The small retailers are now shying away from purchasing ‘branded’ cereals and pulses.

The Cost+50% Swaminathan formula mirage

The M S Swaminathan committee’s widely disseminated recommendation, to fix MSP at levels “at least 50 per cent more than the weighted average cost of production”, remains a holy grail or partial reality at best.

Band-aid solutions

India’s agriculture needs less regulation, greater play of market forces.

Tractor sales: Mirroring the rural distress

While tractor sales trebled during FY04-14, the last year saw a reversal in the trend with the agri industry facing multiple issues.


A time to upskill

A small start has been made. Technology could show the way forward.

Agriculture sector sees 1% decline

The survey credits the growth to a 125 per cent higher than normal rainfall during monsoon in a state where agriculture is mainly rain-fed.

Kotak Mahindra Bank to open 10 specialised branches

The 10 branches would be part of about 100 new branches,the Kotak Mahindra Bank plans to open during this year.

India lost a whopping 14 mn agriculture,5 mn manufacturing jobs: NDC

Workforce in electricity,water supply saw decline from 1.30 mn in 2004-05 to 1.25 mn in 2009-10.

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PM Modi urges farmers to join 'Kisaan Beema Yojna'

Sehore (MP), Feb 18 (ANI): Addressing farmers during the ‘Kisan Kalyan Mela’ at Sehore in Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday highlighted his Government's initiatives for development of the agriculture sector and farmers’ welfare. Modi urged the farmers to have faith in the ‘Kisaan Beema Yojna' and said the scheme has solutions for all the problems of farmers. Modi added that he wants to integrate technology with agriculture sector, as there is a big scope for the sector to be a profit making business.