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Eye on India's Agni V, China sells powerful missile-tracking system to Pakistan

China was the first country to export such sensitive equipment to Pakistan, the Chinese Academy of Sciences said.

Agni-V project director shifted out

DRDO sources insisted that such transfers are routine when a project enters a different phase.


Second test flight of Agni-V planned for September 15

The first trial run of the modern missile in April was a success.

India successfully test fires nuclear-capable Agni-V for second time

Agni-V missile is capable of delivering a nuclear warhead with high precision.

China reacts cautiously to India's second launch of Agni-V

China said both sides should make concerted efforts to enhance political trust.

Agni V is not only about range

In reality,the challenge for India’s missile programme lies much farther ahead of the range it can achieve.


China invites India's 'Missile man' Abdul Kalam to teach at Peking University

82-year-old Kalam says as a professor wherever the knowledge takes me I go and share it.

Can show anti-satellite capability if govt gives nod: DRDO chief

“It will be handed over to the armed forces after two more trials. A maximum of two years is required to operationalise the missile,” Saraswat said.

In its moment of celebration,DRDO leaves out 'Agni putri'

Name of Tessy Thomas,who has been crucial in Agni development,was missing in DRDO press release.

Missile Muscle

Agni V success: 5,000-km range; India in select club