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Living in stressful neighbourhood is related to ageing faster, according to research

The study, published in PLoS One, combined population health and molecular biology research and found that people who reported problems in their local area – such as assaults, burglaries, litter and vandalism – had shorter telomere lengths, and the effect was more marked among women.

Smoothing wrinkles in cells could reverse ageing

Scientists are already modifying viruses for beneficial medical purposes, and it would be particularly easy to get a modified virus to the liver because of the organ's role in detoxifying the body.


Exercise 4-5 times daily to delay ageing

While exercising for about two to three days a week for about 30 minutes may be sufficient to minimise stiffening of middle-sized arteries, exercising for about four to five days a week is required to keep the larger central arteries youthful.

Humans have hit maximum lifespan limit, climate change a factor: Study

A new study has shown that human may have reached higher limits on lifespan, height and physical ability, and these might be influenced through time by climatic changes, among other factors.

Expert tips: How to manage ageing

Staying healthy and fit, eating right and spending a good amount of time with your friends and family could help manage your age.

DIY tips: Protect your skin with these natural ingredients this summer

Here are a few natural ingredients that will leave you with a healthy, glowing skin this season.


Study reveals why older adults struggle to adapt to new environments

Maladaptive responses in older adults are linked to the deterioration of a brain circuit that plays a key role in goal-directed learning.

Ageing begins even before you are born: Study

The offspring of mothers with lower levels of oxygen in the womb can age more quickly in adulthood.

Good news! Gene responsible for greying hair discovered

The discovery of gene associated with greying hair could potentially bring about cosmetics that slow down or block greying at the hair follicle level.

Patience is a virtue! Impatient young women may age faster, says study

Researchers discovered that women who were identified as impatient had shorter telomere length, which could be an initial predictor of disease and earlier mortality.