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Agatha Christie's longest running play The Mousetrap comes to India

The play was first staged in 1952 at London's West End. It has been playing since then.  

BBC withdraws Ed Westwick starrer Agatha Christie adaptation after rape allegations

Ed Westwick was accused of rape by Kristina Cohen, who alleged she was sexually assaulted at his home three years ago. Following that, a second woman, Aurelie Wynn, also made similar allegations against Ed Westwick. Ed has since denied all the allegations against him.


Murder on the Orient Express could be the start to a new Agatha Christie franchise

Agatha Christie, who died in 1976 aged 85, is cited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the bestselling novelist of all time. Over 30 feature films have been based on her work, including a 1974 version of Murder on the Orient Express, that saw Ingrid Bergman win an Academy Award for her performance.

All Sorts of People: From William Shakespeare to Agatha Christie, Saksham Shukla's versatile theatre performances

Actor Saksham Shukla on bringing alive good, bad and ugly characters on stage by exploring versatile genres ranging from Agatha Christie's Appointment with Death to William Shakespeare's Hamlet, history and mythology at Delhi's Shri Ram Centre.

A Dose of Death

Chemist and first-time author Kathryn Harkup celebrates the poisonous pen of Agatha Christie

Flair & Square: English Manners, British Style

A surge of Britannia in popular culture brings all eyes on England.


Second Coming

Agatha Christie’s much-loved Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is set to make a comeback. What direction will the retelling take?

Agatha Christie’s Poirot set to come back in new novel

When Sophie Hannah’s yet-to-be-titled novel comes out in 2014,it will be the first poirot story to appear in 39 years.

'There's no question of us backing a Cong-led govt again,whatever the circumstances'

Prakash Karat talks about why BJP or Cong can’t be seen as toeing the Left line.

Curry in The Library

Thirty Nine in Hauz Khas evokes memories of Agatha Christie,both in terms of food and decor.