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In strife-torn Sahel, a global pledge to restore 100 mn hectares of land, 10 mn green jobs by 2030

The Sahel region of Africa - a nearly 3,860 km semi-arid expanse of sandy, barren, rocky land - is one of the most environmentally degraded regions in the world.

Nigeria signs Africa free trade agreement

In signing the deal at the African Union summit in Niger, Muhammadu Buhari called on the contient's nations to band together to attract investment, grow local manufacturing and combat smuggling.


Can Africa benefit from US-China trade spat?

The trade spat between Washington and Beijing is putting a damper on China's economic growth. The less China's economy expands, the less its hunger for raw materials — and it gets lots of these from Africa, including oil, iron ore or other metals.

Millennials ‘make farming sexy’ in Africa, where tilling the soil once meant shame

Over 2,700 agricultural officers, each issued a motorbike by the government, have been deployed across the country to educate farmers on best practices, such as which crops are most adapted to climate change.

Explained: How booming population is challenging Africa

Will the benefits of a more crowded Africa outweigh the drawbacks, or are its problems too dire and its governance too weak?

A new Ebola vaccine strategy in Africa: Smaller doses

According to the WHO, more than 111,000 people have been vaccinated against Ebola since the outbreak began in August. To stretch supplies of the vaccine, made by Merck and known as rVSV-ZEBOV, the agency recommended switching to smaller doses.


In African villages, these phones become ultrasound scanners

The region's difficult geography impedes access to medical services. A hand-held device, which experts hope will revolutionize front-line global medicine, brings medical imaging to remote communities, often for the first time

Africa is running out of water as cities' populations boom

Cities and towns in several other African nations including Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Ivory Coast have been plagued by similar water shortages in recent months.

Africa’s black panthers emerge from a century in the shadows

There have been a few reported observations of this species in Africa, but, until now, only one had been confirmed, in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, in 1909.

India, 15 African countries account for 80 per cent of world's malaria cases: WHO

The World Health Organization's (WHO) 2018 World malaria report, however, in an encouraging note said that India was the only country to report progress in reducing its malaria cases in 2017 as compared with 2016.

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Kenya's ivory pyre to spread awareness about elephant poaching

Around a dozen ivory pyres were set in preparation for it to be torched on Saturday to encourage global efforts to help stop the poaching of elephants and rhinos.

PM Modi greets African delegates on sidelines of India-Africa Forum Summit

The ministers and officials are in New Delhi for the third India-Africa Forum Summit, to be held between October 26 and 30.


Living on the edge in conflict-hit Central African Republic

A new interim civilian government has pledged to halt the violence and attempt to organise elections in Central African Republic before February 2015.

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Africa to be major energy source for India, says Petroleum Minister

New Delhi, Jan 22 (ANI): Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has said that with the global economic situation currently at a critical phase, it is imperative that India and Africa forge deeper collaboration, particularly in the field of energy. Indian refiners boosted imports of African crude oil in 2015 to the highest in at least five years and slightly cut their intake from America as refiners benefited from changing global oil flows caused by surplus supply. Pradhan said the Government has decided to diversify energy basket. Pradhan added that the new discoveries in Africa have seen oil reserves grow by over 100 percent and gas reserves grow by over 55 percent and this would improve Africa's position as an exporter of not only oil but also gas. India, the world's fourth-biggest oil consumer, raised its imports of African oil as the continent's mainly light, sweet crudes helped fill increasing demand for gasoline and diesel fuel.

Kurtas For Africa Heads Of State, MEA Seeks Their Measurements

A seamless stitch and fine tailoring has been keeping the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) occupied as it prepares to host the third edition of the India-Africa Forum Summit in New Delhi next month. The MEA has written to all consulate offices of African countries, seeking the “measurements” of their heads of government so that the […]