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US peace talks with Taliban trip over a big question: What is terrorism?

The answer is so important because the two sides had already agreed in principle on a framework for two crucial issues: the withdrawal of US troops, and a commitment that Afghan soil would not again be used to launch terrorist attacks against the United States and its allies.

Explained: Taliban-US talks and the future of Afghanistan

The very fact that the US is talking to the Taliban legitimises their role in Afghanistan's present and future. All of this is worrying for India -- a Taliban government in Afghanistan in the near future will mean a hugely increased leverage for Pakistan in that country.


A messy peace

As negotiations for a new political framework in Afghanistan get complicated, Delhi must focus on remaining relevant.

An Afghan trifecta

For now, Pakistan’s support is the source of optimism about US engagement with the Taliban

US-Taliban talks: what’s on table, why it is being greeted with caution

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who addressed the nation Monday after being briefed by Khalilzad, cautioned against rushing into a deal.

After US leaves Kabul

The rise of Afghan Taliban poses a threat to both India and Pakistan


Afghan Taliban reject reports of talks with US in Pakistan

Senior Taliban leaders said that regional powers including Pakistan had approached them and wanted them to meet the US delegation in Islamabad and also include the Afghan government in the peace process but that the approaches had been rejected.

Afghanistan: More than 30 security men killed in Taliban attack

Both sides in Afghanistan's 17-year war have kept up attacks this winter, with the Taliban inflicting a heavy toll on government forces, and the US military and their government allies killing Taliban field commanders with air strikes.

Afghan Taliban cancel peace talks with US citing 'agenda disagreement'

Reports last month about US President Trump's plans to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan triggered uncertainty in Kabul, which depends on the United States and other foreign powers for military support and training.

Taliban storm security posts in west Afghanistan, kill 21

The Taliban attacked the checkpoints in two different parts of Badghis province, which is on the border with Turkmenistan, late on Sunday, provincial officials said.

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Afghanistan's youth wary of future with Taliban

Afghanistan has a strikingly young population, with more than 60 percent of its 35 million people under the age of 25, and half under the age of 15, according to the UN population agency