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Afghan Taliban stronger than ever after US spent $900 billion, 1,47,000 people died

18 years later, after the US spent nearly $900 billion and more than 147,000 people died, the Taliban are growing more confident of returning to power. The militant group controls or contests half of the country, more territory than any time since they were toppled in 2001.

Explained: As US calls off peace talks with Taliban, Afghanistan stares at abyss

Since January, there has been a steady spike in attacks as the Taliban have leveraged violence to buttress their bargaining position, and tried to take control of as much territory as they could before the agreement with the US was finalised.


Car bombing in Kabul kills US, Romanian soldier, 10 Afghan civilians

Interior Ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said another 42 people were wounded and 12 vehicles destroyed. Hours later, the Taliban set off a car bomb outside an Afghan military base in a neighboring province, killing four civilians.

Kabul blast: Toll rises to 16, Taliban claims responsibilty

The explosion came as a senior US diplomat was visiting Kabul to brief Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on a draft peace accord reached with the insurgents that could see thousands of US troops withdrawn from Afghanistan.

Taliban launch 'massive attack' on Afghan city of Kunduz

The militants, who have demanded that all foreign forces leave Afghanistan, now control or hold sway over roughly half of the country and are at their strongest since their 2001 defeat by a US-led invasion.

Kabul: Car bomb attack on police wounds at least 34

The bomb went off when a vehicle was stopped at a checkpoint outside the station, said interior ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi.


US peace envoy for Afghanistan set to resume talks with Taliban

Khalilzad, an Afghan-born American diplomat, was appointed last year to negotiate a political settlement with the Taliban, who now control more territory than at any point since their ouster nearly 18 years ago.

Intra-Afghan talks only after US agrees to withdraw troops: Taliban

State Minister for Peace Affairs Abdul Salam Rahimi said on Saturday it was hoped that direct talks with the Taliban would be held in the next two weeks in an unidentified European country.

Mired in poverty, Afghans bring their children to work

Like many children in Afghanistan, school is a luxury his family can no longer afford.

The Taliban promise to protect women. Here’s why women don’t believe them

“Imagine a house surrounded by Taliban,” Sherzai said. “You would not be able to live, eat or do work with even momentary peace. People here live in constant fear that the Taliban will retake the city at any minute.”

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Afghanistan's youth wary of future with Taliban

Afghanistan has a strikingly young population, with more than 60 percent of its 35 million people under the age of 25, and half under the age of 15, according to the UN population agency