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Food poisoning might not be the reason, says FDA

FDA officials collected 15 samples of dal, rice, milk, and other raw materials used for cooking at the Chembur-based adoption home on December 26, the day five-month-old orphan Khushi died in Zen hospital.

'I wish you were my mother,' she wrote

"Yet now I loved a flesh-and-blood child, and I had a decision to make. And I had to be happy with that decision. Because if I chose to be her mother, I needed to want to be her mother."


IG to father of three, all want to adopt abandoned 6-month-old baby

Officials at the lone orphanage for 13 districts in Uttar Pradesh, which houses 35 children, say the girl cannot be adopted for the next two months, until the CWC holds a committee meeting and deems it fit.

Registration of adoption under Hindu law to be made mandatory

"The ministry of women and child development has prepared a draft Cabinet note proposing an amendment to HAMA in order to make it compulsory for parents to register with the apex adoption body, Child Adoption Resource Authority (CARA)," a ministry spokesperson said

40 years after he left, Simon returns to his first home, a centre for abandoned children

November is National Adoption Month, during which several awareness programmes and workshops will be held for prospective parents.

Make road to root searches hurdle-free

Every year, thousands of adopted individuals begin and end their journey to find their biological parents in Pune and other cities of Maharashtra that have traditionally been adoption hubs of the country.


Adoption process: Financially able, 40-plus single women top on list

The move is a radical shift from the Centre’s stand on the issue of surrogacy, which limits the option to only infertile married couples while entirely disallowing single men and women.

Eleven states, Union Territories have no 0-2 age group children for adoption

Data from Carings, the government's central data base for adoptions across the country, shows that Arunachal Pradesh has 2,315 PAPs waiting in queue for children between 0-2, but no agency in the state has children available in that age group.

Sikh couple in UK not allowed to adopt 'white child,' told to adopt from India instead

Adoption agencies are allowed to prioritise on the basis of race in order to match children to prospective parents of the same ethnic background. But the government has also said that a child's ethnicity should not be a barrier to adoption.

No 'pick and choose' for couples opting for adoption

Parents will have 48 hours to accept a child from the time the child's profile is sent to them.