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Mom blogger Lakshmi Iyer on adopting and raising white twins

US-based blogger Lakshmi Iyer talks about being an adoptive mother to white twins, alongside her own biological child, and how the family deals with issue of race.

At 36, he found his birth parents, but didn't know it would lead them to the altar!

Standing safely under the big tent while the rain poured, Schmidt grinned and began the ceremony. “For those of you who haven’t met me, I’m Martin Schmidt; I’m their son,” he said to loud cheers. “And related or not, this is the group of people we call family.”


Children adopted by Muslims on a par with biological child: SC

Rejects plea for directions to follow Islamic law before declaring a Muslim child for adoption.

Americans use web to abandon children adopted from overseas

Nicole and Calvin Eason,an Illinois couple in their 30s,saw the ad and a picture of the smiling 16-year-old.

Property share: Govt redrafts bill on marriage laws

According to redrafted bill,women have rights to her husband's property acquired after marriage.