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One in five adolescents in the world overweight in 2016: Lancet report

Globally, the number of 15-24 year olds who are not in education, employment or any kind of training is estimated to be around three times higher for younger women adolescents (175 million) than young men (63 million). In India, the prevalence is over 15 times higher in young women than in young men (nearly 54 per cent compared to 3.5 per cent).

Mentors key to reducing delinquent behaviour in adolescents

Appreciation and sense of belonging can help reduce delinquent behaviour in adolescents according to a new study. The study further elaborates if one is made to feel useful and important to others it reduces dangerous behaviour.


Peer pressure is weaker for teens to quit smoking

Adolescents tend to be more powerful in influencing their friends to start smoking than in helping them to quit, a new study has found.

Sex in movies can influence teens’ sexual behaviours in real life

Sexual exposure in movies tends to activate sensation because of biology and socialization.

Adolescent eating disorders persist into adulthood

Adolescents who develop disordered eating behaviors are likely to continue these unhealthy practices.

'Stress is more stressful for teens than adults'

Brains of teens react differently,especially under stress or while making risky decisions.


Obese teens 'risk snoring harm'

Obese teenagers are at higher risk of an unhealthy snoring problem,but overweight kids are not,a new study on obstructive sleep apnea has revealed.

Young teens really care what others think about them

They might be fond of chanting 'I don't care' every now and then,but deep down inside younger adolescents care a lot about what others think about them.

Giving teens more time to sleep helps studies

Giving teenagers more time to sleep helps boost their concentration levels,and consequently grades in school,according to a leading head teacher.

Too much TV time increases depression risk among teens

Too much exposure to television and other electronic media during adolescence might lead to depression in young adulthood,especially among men.