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Childhood adversity linked to teen violence, depression: Study

Based in multiple countries across five continents, the study, published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, found that boys are suffering even more than girls.

‘In a tech world, the Gita can help kids navigate the journey of life’

"In today’s world, kids are bombarded constantly by the technological advances we have made. Our main character Dev uses meditation to master himself, which in turn enables him to defeat the various characters and challenges that he faces in our adventure story."


Early school timings may trigger depression in adolescents

According to the study, children, who start schooling before 8:30 a.m., get insufficient sleep or barely meet the minimum amount of sleep, that is 8-10 hours that is required for healthy functioning of the body.

Therapy program for depression may be beneficial in the long term

If a child appears to develop depressive symptoms, earlier intervention is better. Parents need to do their homework and insist on programs that have been demonstrated to work and where the leaders are certified to be competent providers of the program.

Less night sleep increases risk of major depression

A genetic study of adult twins and a community-based study of adolescents both report novel links between sleep duration and depression.