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7% growth will mean little or nothing to the poor, unemployed and exploited sections

Seven per cent growth will be totally insufficient to create wealth or enhance welfare. Seven per cent growth will not generate the millions of jobs that are required. Seven per cent growth will not raise the per capita income of the lowest deciles (the bottom 20 per cent) of the population.

Across the Aisle: Emulate, do not envy

The first year was promising and the second year too started well. The first major blunder was demonetisation on November 8, 2016. This was followed by other blunders — flawed and hurried implementation of GST and tax terrorism.


Across the aisle: State election, nation-wide effect

Mr Siddaramaiah must prove that his decision to contest from two seats did not prevent him from campaigning vigorously for the maximum number of Congress candidates. Above all, he must keep the focus on 2 Reddys + 1 Yeddy — a slogan gifted by Mr Modi!

Across the aisle: Southern flames may scald the nation 

Post-1991, every state could take advantage of a more open economy, less control and state-specific strategies. States that were once regarded as having low potential now claim to have achieved high growth rates.

BJP’s attempt to define a nationalist as one who will say 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' is a gross distortion of history

'Project Nationalism' seeks to bludgeon the people to submerge their individual identities in a presumed national identity

Across the Aisle-Aadhaar Bill: Ends right, means wrong

In 2013, the Supreme Court, by an interim order, ruled that Aadhaar could not be made mandatory to receive benefits. In 2015, the case was referred to a larger bench to decide the question whether Aadhaar infringed the right to privacy.


Across the Aisle: A call to the collective conscience

The writers are protesting against events that have not only political overtones but have profound social consequences. Are all Indians obliged to conform to one notion of religion or food or language or dress?

Across the Aisle: The rise and rise of intolerance

Today, in some parts of India, if a Hindu (boy or girl) is friendly with a Muslim (girl or boy), they are visited with grave consequences.