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China says killing of Islamic State leader Baghdadi is progress, much work remains

China has long worried about ethnic Uighurs from China's far heavily Muslim western region of Xinjiang who have travelled clandestinely to Syria and Iraq to fight with Islamist groups there. Islamic State has killed at least one Chinese hostage and militant groups have issued statements threatening to attack China.

In last days, Baghdadi feared traitors, hid underground, disguised himself as a shepherd

In the end, the brutal leader once hailed as "caliph" left former IS areas completely, slipping into hostile territory in Syria's northwestern Idlib province run by the radical group's al-Qaida-linked rivals.


Turkey captures sister of dead IS leader al-Baghdadi in Syria

Rasmiya Awad, 65, was detained in a raid near Azaz, the official said, referring to a Turkish-controlled Syrian town near the border. When captured, she was also accompanied by five children.

The ‘Whimpering’ terrorist only Trump seems to have heard

One American official who is deeply familiar with the operation dismissed the president’s version of events as mere grandstanding. Another senior official briefed extensively on the mission said, “I don’t know how he would know that. It sounds like something he made up.”

ISIS leader paid rival for protection but was betrayed by his own

The receipts, typical of the Islamic State’s meticulous bookkeeping, showed that the group paid at least $67,000 to members of Hurras al Din, an unofficial affiliate of al-Qaida and an enemy of the Islamic State.

The killing al-Baghdadi does not reduce the threat from the Islamic State

Soon enough, the ISIS core will anoint a new Caliph, to whom all the wilayas (branches) and extremists and supporters will readily offer allegiance (bayat) to, while paying rich tribute to the “fallen hero”.


Pentagon releases first footage, images from al-Baghdadi raid

The Pentagon released the first government photos and video clips of the nighttime operation, including one showing Delta Force commandos approaching the walls of the compound in which al-Baghdadi and others were found.

Nobel laureate Nadia Murad wants justice after al-Baghdadi killing

Murad told reporters that when she heard that US forces killed al-Baghdadi, she talked to six of her sisters-in-law who had been in captivity and others in her family ``because all of them are survivors."

Express Daily briefing: Sujith Wilson dies in borewell; Baghdadi's likely successor killed in US airstrike; and more 

From Ajay and Abhay Chautala sharing drinks from the same glass and feeding each other from the same plate at a family function to professor Stephen Philip Cohen passed away Sunday at age 83, here are the top news on Tuesday morning.

Death of Al-Baghdadi 'big' but more work lies ahead: Jared Kushner

"Killing the leader was a very big, symbolic victory. I think it was very big for America, big for the world, big for the region. But at the end of the day we still have more work to do," Kushner, who is Trump's son-in-law, said.