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Abhay Deol building eco-friendly house in Goa

Abhay Deol is building an eco-friendly home in Goa that will have solar panels and rainwater harvesting set-up.

I am certainly not broke, says Abhay Deol

Abhay Deol has dispelled rumours about his reported money troubles.


I would never enter politics: Abhay Deol

The actor says he has no political aspirations and the most he would do is go out and vote.

Disappointed with 'Rock The Shaadi' not releasing: Abhay Deol

Abhay Deol is disheartened that his film 'Rock the Shaadi' is not getting released, but hopes it hits the silver screen someday.

What’s eating Abhay Deol?

Why the poster boy of the Bollywood indie scene has lost his way.

Filmy Friday: Abhay Deol’s ‘One By Two’ releases today

This is the first time Abhay Deol will be seen sharing screen space with girlfriend Preeti Desai.


I am open to formula films: Abhay Deol

Abhay Deol says he is open to doing big budget Bollywood films.

Ayushmann Khurrana steps into Abhay Deol's film?

Ayushmann Khurrana replaces Abhay Deol in a period film.

Abhay Deol on filmi career: It was suicidal to go against the norm

Today the 36-year-old actor has created a niche of himself and for which he says he had to revolt.

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Abhay Deol, Preeti Desai's evening out!

Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai launched merchandise of their upcoming romantic comedy.