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Expelled but not out: Mollah reads out ‘to-do’ list for Left

People from RSP and Forward Bloc are defecting to the BJP, said Abdur Rezzak Mollah.

CPM expels rebel Mollah

Reacting to the CPM decision to expel him from the party, Mollah said it was “most welcome”.


CPM may ‘act’ against Mollah today

Mollah had also declared that his organisation would field candidates in 2016 Assembly election.

‘Politburo members are dalals, not of grassroots’

Abdur Rezzak Mollah, CPM Muslim face in Bengal and a rebel party is wary of taming, in conversation with Subrata Nagchoudhury.

Sycophancy culture to bring CPM’s downfall: Mollah, Seth

Says party incompetent, autocratic, but won’t leave it.

Sycophancy culture to bring CPM’s downfall: Mollah, Seth

Seth claimed the “present (state) leadership is authoritarian” and did not give him a chance to defend himself.


Mollah: TMC doing more for women than Left did

Veteran leader and CPM MLA Abdur Rezzak Mollah yet again embarrassed his party when he criticised the Left and congratulated the ruling Trinamool Congress over introducing women empowerment schemes.

Mollah salvo on party,says CPM leadership needs rejig

The CPM would not be able to make a turnaround and counter the Trinamool Congress in Bengal “without undergoing leadership restructuring”.

3 ex-CPM ministers attacked in two days

At least three CPM leaders,who were ministers in the previous CPM government,have been attacked in West Bengal over the past two days by protesting Trinamool Congress supporters.

Out on bail,Arabul too cries Conspiracy

Trinamool Congress MLA and strongman of Bhangar,Arabul Islam,on Friday alleged that a section of police along with some of his party leaders conspired against him and send him to jail.