AAP victory

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View from the Left: Delhi verdict

The election debacle has now forced the BJP leaders to say that the Delhi result is not a referendum on the Modi government at the Centre.

People, not arithmetic

AAP victory has a lesson for Opposition politics: it must build ground up, not rely on backroom deals.


Unfulfilled promises, PM’s silence on ‘ghar wapsi’ cost the BJP dear

The PM’s silence on issues like ‘ghar wapsi’ and church attacks have only fuelled anxiety among minority communities

Mufti talks about need for BJP ‘course correction’

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said Delhi Assembly elections have “asserted the diversity of our country and the need to respect it”.

Good intentions are not enough

The AAP has scored poorly on basic governance and sound policy.

'Outside' supporters pitch in for AAP victory in Delhi polls

Jai Nath Misra from the UK says,"this election is the beginning of a corruption-free India".


Taking the shortcut to change

By shunning power,AAP may have served the cause of political and judicial reforms better.

Parties in U'khand showing renewed concern for common man

A slew of decisions and gestures by various political parties have reflected this renewed concern.

AAP holds victory rally at Jantar Mantar,says BJP scared to form Delhi government

The party claimed that government took note of Anna's fast because of its win in Delhi.