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Aadhaar amendment Bill gets Rajya Sabha nod

The Bill, which was introduced on June 24 to replace an ordinance issued in March, was passed by the Lok Sabha on July 4.

Lok Sabha approves amendment Bill making Aadhaar use voluntary

On the issue of privacy, which was raised by several opposition members, Prasad said, “The amendments address the privacy and security concerns. It provides that no service or benefit of any scheme will be denied for lack of Aadhaar.”


Aadhaar Amendment Bill gets Cabinet nod, to be introduced in coming Parliament session

The Bill — which will be in form of amendment to Aadhaar Act 2016 and other laws and will replace an ordinance issued in March, 2019 — also proposes stiff penalties for violation of norms.

Aadhaar amendment Bill gets Lok Sabha nod

"The Aadhaar technology is indigenous, low-cost and safe,” Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar said, adding that it had been lauded by the World Bank, IMF and other countries.

Amid lone dissent note, a look back on Aadhaar introduced as Money Bill

The Aadhaar Act was passed using this route since the government lacked the requisite numbers in Rajya Sabha at the time.

Half of Parliament was disabled from amending Aadhaar law: Jairam Ramesh

The apex court, on December 15 last year, had sought a response from the Centre on the plea of Jairam Ramesh challenging the government's decision to treat Aadhaar bill as a money bill and getting it passed in the budget session last year after rejecting amendments to it by the Rajya Sabha.


Aadhaar Bill: Centre opposes Jairam Ramesh PIL in SC

He also objected to the PIL on the ground that there was no violation of any fundamental right of the Congress leader and hence a writ petition under Article 32 was not maintainable.

Congress leader Jairam’s plea on Aadhaar Bill: Supreme Court seeks AG’s view

The Supreme Court Monday called for the Attorney General’s views on a PIL filed by Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, challenging the decision to treat Aadhaar Bill as a money bill.

Unorganised workers’ identification number: U-WIN may lose out to Aadhaar

The mandate of U-WIN or the unorganised workers’ identification number criss-crosses with that of Aadhaar’s and would lead to unnecessary duplication of work already being done under the ambit of the latter project, say govt sources.

Jairam Ramesh moves SC against Centre treating Aadhaar Bill as money Bill

Once the Lok Sabha passes a money Bill with or without amendments recommended by Rajya Sabha, it is deemed to have been passed by both the Houses.