70 years of independence

70 years of independence is a series reflecting upon the colonial roots of India and the forces of nationalism that helped shape its present and future. In the next few weeks and months, we will map everything that our history has made- architecture, cinema, food, politics of bringing India together and the memories of those who witnessed the nation's birth and its division.

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71 years of Independence: How Communists kept pestering the British throughout the freedom struggle

Despite generally being neglected and discarded in the historiography of India’s glorious freedom movement, it has to be accepted that the Communists played a crucial role in the country’s freedom struggle,

How world newspapers reported India's independence in 1947

The major newspapers of the world had culled out a significant part of their front pages to underline the nationalist aspirations, the birth of the two nations and the celebrations as well as massacre that accompanied the same.


These five Indian laws owe their origin to British, but are still in practice

Though 1200 archaic laws were scrapped in bulk, Indians are still following many obsolete laws that have been prevalent from the time of British colonial rule.

How journals for girls were used to instill nationalism in early 1900s

Khilauna (Toy) was a journal that was first published 1927. It regularly featured a column dedicated to voicing anti-colonial ideology called, Desh ki Baat. It also carried poems that glorified and valourised battles and fighting for one's nation.

VIDEO: Is India really FREE? 7 grim realities after 70 yrs of independence

It's been 70 years, and a lot of great things have happened. We are the seventh largest country in the world, and collectively the whole country wishes for this to be the best country in the world. But, while filming a travel series by travelling across India in 30 days, a filmmaker came across seven heartbreaking experiences in India that will make you think if we are really free.

Independence notes: Different experiences in Portuguese Goa and British Malabar

At the stroke of midnight, the freedom finally arrived, largely with the efforts of the Congress. But what did this freedom mean to those who were neither ruled by the British, nor were they close enough to the Congress' political centre?


1947 and Bangladesh: The third unknown history

The partition of Bengal in 1905 was a good example. East Bengalis were mostly peasants, mostly Muslims, mostly resentful of Kolkata and popular with the newly arriving Muslim middle class. In 1906 the Muslim League was formed in Dhaka which gave Indian Muslims a political voice.

70 Years of Independence: The self-congratulatory British Press at the eve of India's freedom

Both quality papers as well as tabloids in British press portrayed the transfer of power to India and Pakistan as the ‘fulfillment of Britain’s mission’.

Tales from princely states: A Kashmiri Pandit and a Jodhpur resident recollect being stuck between India and Pakistan

What did independence mean to the ordinary folks residing in these states, far removed from the high drama of nationalist discourse and very often unaware of what course their homeland’s politics was about to take?

Voices of Partition: One UP Muslim and two Pakistan born Hindus recollect the horrors of 1947

The partition of Punjab remains by far the bloodiest part of Indian history, the dirtiest and scariest of all, tagging along as it did with the euphoria of freedom.

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Happy Independence Day 2017: All About the Tiranga and You

India has entered its 71st year of Independence today and the young generation is celebrating the grand occasion with selfies and painted faces.

Partition museum to open in Amritsar, 70 years after the painful event

After the seventy years of partition, a new museum opens this week featuring the chaotic and painful tales of history till now. The exhibitions are housed in the northern border city of Amritsar.


Police personnel, NCC cadets rehearse in Chandigarh ahead of Independence Day

As India gears up to celebrate its 70th Independence Day, police personnel and NCC cadets rehearse in full gear on Sunday in Chandigarh's Sector 17. The Day is celebrated across the country with each state holding individual events to mark the day.