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Qualcomm leans on appeals, Trump help to reverse FTC order

Qualcomm Inc will now look to an appeals process that historically has gone in its favour -- as well as to possible intervention from the Trump administration, which is eager to ensure the US company remains competitive in 5G technology.

Your 5G phone won’t hurt you, but Russia wants you to think otherwise

According to many analysts, whichever nation dominates the 5G technology will gain a competitive edge for much of this century but a television network has been stirring concerns about a hidden flaw.


5G won't benefit consumers? Ericsson report says that's all wrong

A new report by Ericsson ConsumerLab argues 5G won't just be for businesses as it is being propagated, but will have real-term benefits for consumers.

How 5G drove moves by Apple, Qualcomm and Intel

Some of Apple's rivals in the smartphone market - notably Samsung - plan to release 5G devices this year, which could put pressure on Apple to match the feature.

To imagine the '5G' future, revisit our recent wireless past

4G speeds, the ones we're used to today, made possible many of the things we now take for granted on our phones — Instagram, cloud storage, Netflix streaming. Or, for instance, that ride you got home from the bar.

Why 5G will arrive with a whimper, not a bang

The irony is that early 5G looks more like an extension of 4G than the cataclysm that has been promised.


Apple in a difficult position for 5G iPhone parts

Apple iPhones may have to wait a little too long to have a 5G device in their line up as Apple Inc struggles to get the necessary components to build the product.

Explainer: Securing the 5G future - what's the issue?

As 5G makes high-speed internet increasingly available, the number of devices in the network will increase dramatically.

5G smartphones at MWC 2019: Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Huawei Mate X, LG V50 ThinQ and more

Players like Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, Oppo and even OnePlus showcased their first-generation 5G smartphones at the Mobile World Congress.

Qualcomm pushing hard for 5G, partners with OnePlus to demo device at MWC 2019

At Qualcomm's MWC 2019 booth, OnePlus showcased a prototype of its 5G enabled smartphone, showing the capabilities of the upcoming network.

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From AI to 5G, here's what is expected in the world of tech for 2019

We take a look at the top trends of tech to expect in 2019, from the growing using of Artificial intelligence to 5G.