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Seizing on Huawei's troubles, Samsung bets big on network gear

Aiming to capitalise on the security fears hobbling China's Huawei, Samsung Electronics is pouring resources into its telecom network equipment business.

Why 5G phones are new focus of freakouts about Huawei

Telecommunication companies have warned about costs that would rise if Huawei were cut out of supplying 5G equipment.


LG to launch 5G smartphone with Snapdragon 855 at MWC 2019

LG has confirmed it will showcase its 5G smartphone at the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.

Apple iPhones in 2020 will go for all OLED displays, no LCD option: Report

Apple's iPhone lineup in 2020 will include all OLED displays, and drop the more affordable LCD option, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal. 

Canada should ban Huawei from 5G networks, says former spy chief

Richard Fadden, former spy chief of Canada said that Canada should ban China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd from supplying equipment to Canadian 5G networks because the security risk is too great.

The promise of 5G is the problem with Huawei in eyes of critics

China’s foreign ministry has said that the legal dispute between Huawei and T-Mobile had already been resolved, and expressed concern about the motives behind the reinvestigation.


India can lead in 5G deployment but investments in fibre infrastructure key: TRAI Chief

India can be a frontrunner in deployment of 5G but a lot will hinge on bolstering investments in fibre infrastructure, which is currently inadequate and trailing countries like China, TRAI Chairman R S Sharma said.

5G is coming next year, here’s what you need to know

Countries expected to follow the United States with 2019 rollouts of 5G include Britain, Germany, Switzerland, China, South Korea and Australia, according to a timetable compiled by Qualcomm.

OnePlus 5G smartphone spotted in company's internal meet

The first images of OnePlus' prototype 5G phone have been leaked online. This device is expected to launch in early 2019, though most details remain speculative.

Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon 8cx processor with 7nm design for PCs

Qualcomm has introduced the Snapdragno 8cx processor with a 7 nanometer (nm) design, which is design for personal computers

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